Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Video: Obama denies he is a big "Tax and Spend" liberal

Should Obama get the "Liar, Liar, Pants on Fire" award for this one?

“I know you hear a lot of folks on cable TV claiming that I am this ‘big tax and spend liberal.’ Next time you hear that, you just remind the people who are saying it that since I’ve taken office, I’ve cut your taxes. Your taxes — your taxes today, the average middle class family, your taxes today are lower than when I took office. Just remember that. We have cut taxes for small businesses, not once, not twice, but 17 times. The average family’s tax burden is among the lowest it’s been in the last 60 years. So the problem is not that we’ve been raising taxes. We’ve been trying to give families a break during these tough times,” Obama said at a campaign event in Scranton, Penn.
In the video, President Obama touts the alleged 17 small business tax cuts he claims to have signed.  The list can be found on this White House blog. Ironically, after forcing businesses to buy health insurance for employees or pay a penalty in 2014 as part of Obamacare, President Obama included, in the list of 17 small business tax credits, the Obamacare tax credit some small businesses can get to partially offset the cost of providing employee healthcare. The credit phases out in the future. The requirement to provide employee healthcare continues.Even the liberal Washington Post recognizes President Obama tells whoppers about tax cuts.