Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Shameful: CDC follows up Zombie Survival Guide with Bridezilla Survival Guide

Bridezilla brides, originally uploaded by duncan arsenault.

Obama promised to go through the federal budget line by line and eliminate waste...
(CBS News) Have a bridezilla on your hands? Don't fret: The kind folks at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) have provided a handy guide to help you survive the bouquets, long-winded speeches and blushing brides on a wedding day.

The CDC's Wedding Day Survival Guide is similar to the Zombie Survival Guide that it released last year. A bit tongue-in-cheek, the government agency provides tips on how to plan for an emergency like a hurricane during a wedding ceremony or an overly emotional bride.

"You never know when Bridezilla might pop up," the CDC's Caitlin Shockey writes. "When dealing with an emotional bride, try to remember your loved one is probably stressed out and will soon return to her caring self after the wedding is over. Be supportive and have some bottled water from your emergency kit and a box of chocolate on hand."

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