Saturday, February 21, 2009

BBC staff protest failure to air pro-Palestinian video

Many have wondered if the BBC had a pro-Palestinian bias in their reporting. This has now been confirmed. Over 400 of their staff have signed a protest petition because they failed to air a video that the corporation deemed to be too biased in favor of Palestinians. That must have been one very biased news video. Hat tip to Axis of Right.
BBC staff to deliver 400-strong petition over Gaza appeal decision

More than 400 BBC staff have signed a petition in protest at the corporation' decision not to broadcast the Gaza humanitarian aid appeal after the BBC Trust yesterday backed director general Mark Thompson's handling of the issue.

Broadcasting union Bectu said the petition would be handed to Thompson's office today while a copy would also be delivered to the BBC Trust.

Signatories to the petition expressed their "deep disappointment" with Thompson's decision to block the Disasters Emergency Committee appeal last month and urged him to reverse his stance. The decision led to 40,000 complaints to the corporation and nationwide protests outside its offices. (excerpted) read more at

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Anonymous said...

There is nothing wrong with being pro-Palestinian. They are people with families and children. Are they born evil? If the question is whether they will side with Hamas over the government of Israel in every conflict, I don't know that that can be said. I've yet to see a truly unbiased media source. I'm not sure it is possible, but I think they keep more neutral than most.

There has been a lot posted on The Osterley Times about the issue (great blog, although you will likely disagree with near all of it). It looks like the BBC has been under a great deal of pressure on this issue.