Monday, February 9, 2009

The 'Porkulus' bill is ready for passage

The bloated stimulus bill passed a cloture vote and will get an up or down vote very soon. Republicans need to regroup and try to stop the passage of the bill after the differences in the House and Senate versions are resolved. Update: The 'Spendulus' bill passed the Senate Tuesday. The bill will now go to conference to resolve the differences between the House and Senate versions.
Stimulus bill survives Senate test, moves ahead
Feb 9 06:10 PM US/Eastern
AP Special Correspondent

WASHINGTON (AP) - An $838 billion economic stimulus bill backed by the White House survived a key test vote in the Senate Monday despite strong Republican opposition, and Democratic leaders vowed to deliver legislation for President Barack Obama's signature within a few days.

Monday's vote was 61-36, one more than the 60 needed to advance the measure toward Senate passage on Tuesday. That in turn, will set the stage for possibly contentious negotiations with the House on a final compromise on legislation the president says is desperately needed to tackle the worst economic crisis in more than a generation. (excerpted) read more at

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