Friday, February 20, 2009

The call for Burris resignation grows. Illinois Gov. Pat Quinn says Sen. Roland Burris should resign.(video)

Illinois Gov. Pat Quinn is now calling for Senator Burris to resign. My guess is Burris will ignore the growing clamor for his resignation. If he had an ounce of integrity, he would not have accepted the appointment in the first place. President Obama has been strangely silent on this controversy.

20, 2009
Illinois Gov. Pat Quinn says Sen. Roland Burris should resign because the controversy surrounding his appointment has cast a shadow over his service in the Senate. (Feb. 20)

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Carl Wicklander said...

How poetic would it be if Burris refused to resign as he was appointed by a doomed politician who himself refused to resign?

Resignation is his best option to save face, but he's coveted a senate seat for awhile so he won't give it up easily.

Not resigning will drag things out for him and ultimately make him indefensible. Many already considered him tainted because Blagojevich appointed him in the first place. Now he seems to have talked with Blago more and if he ends up in prison, that'll be the main campaign talking point against Burris from both Republicans and Democrats when he's up for election next year.

Democrats usually do a good job of sticking together but there is too much baggage surrounding Burris that they know they need a new person so they can keep the seat. Burris is politically alone.