Saturday, February 21, 2009

Sarah Palin speaks from the heart to rural Alaskans

This video from the Anchorage Daily News on Friday is a great example of how Sarah Palin connects to voters in rural and suburban areas. She comes across as extremely sincere and down to earth. She is able to relate her and her families lives and experiences in a way that makes people feel she understands them and shares their concerns. Also, Gov. Sarah Palin demonstrates she has depth and foresight when thinking about the issues faced by rural Alaskans.

Here is the video.

Here is the story. Read more at the
Palin speaks from heart on struggling rural Alaska
Alaska Dispatch
Feb 20, 2009

This video, shot by the Anchorage Daily News on Friday, highlights interviews with Gov. Sarah Palin and Franklin Graham, and it's interesting, not because of Graham -- son of Rev. Billy Graham -- but because of Palin's thoughtful remarks on the never-ending struggle facing many villages.

Palin approached a topic that most Alaska politicians shy away from -- the need to seek employment and opportunities outside village Alaska. (For Outside readers, there are more than 200 villages in Alaska, most unconnected to roads and the power grid.)


Anonymous said...

Why would you support her? She is a worse tax dodger than Tom Daschle

Her ignorance isn't good for the party. She is just Dan Quayle with boobs.

She seems awfully comfortable with government supported preaching. Shall we just throw out the separation of church and state and have the government pay Muslims to go around the country and preach to the needy? No tax money for churches until churches pay taxes.

Bluegrass Pundit said...

Steel Phoenix said...

" Why would you support her? She is a worse tax dodger than Tom Daschle"

Sarah Palin connects with me on some level. it is difficult to explain.

adagioforstrings said...

re: Steel Phoenix: "Why would you support her? She is a worse tax dodger than Tom Daschle"

Do you have any evidence to substantiate your accusation? To the best of my knowledge, Palin has always paid her taxes. In addition to paying her taxes, Palin gave more to charity than her Democratic rival, even though her income was less.

Anonymous said...

Certainly. Can we assume FOX News will 'fair and balance' it as far in her favor as possible?