Saturday, February 14, 2009

Democrats secretly gut welfare reform in stimulus bill

Democrats secretly gut welfare reform in stimulus bill. They inserted a provision that allows states to keep the number of welfare to work caseloads at the current level while they expand the number of people collecting welfare. That means there will be no requirement for these welfare benefit collectors to ever get a job. President Obama claims this bill will create almost 4 million new jobs. Why don't the democrats want people on welfare to take them? The reason is democrats have never really supported welfare reform and this is just the first strike in a battle to end it.
Are Dems Secretly Gutting Welfare Reform?

Is this the return of welfare wars?

The final compromise of the economic stimulus bill includes $5 billion for states that anticipate a larger than expected increase in welfare claims. But to give states maximum flexibility, Democrats have written in a provision that would allow states to increase the number of welfare caseloads while holding steady the percentage people getting Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF) benefits that would be required to work or look for jobs.(excepted) read more at


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Hey, it's an emergency! We're all donna dieee! Pass it quick!!!!11!

Do it for the Children (TM).

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With inflation checks aren't going to matter much as they will be worthless, get out the wheelbarrows.

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