Tuesday, February 17, 2009

A-Rod should be banned for life from baseball for steroid use

A-Rod should be banned for life from baseball for steroid use. Alex Rodriguez has done irreparable damage to the sport of baseball. Pete Rose was banned from the game for life for gambling on baseball. Do you think Pete Rose's gambling or A-Rod's steroid use had a larger impact on the outcome of any particular game of baseball? There is no proof that Pete Rose's bad habit ever affected a baseball game. We know what kind of effect steroid use has on an athlete's performance. When you correlate Alex Rodriguez's steroid use with his records and outstanding seasons, you can clearly see there could be a strong relationship. A-Rod should be banned to restore fans faith in the game.

See a video of A-Rod detailing his steroid use.



Carl Wicklander said...

I hate assigning victimhood to millionaires, but Alex Rodriguez is a victim in this case.

In 2003 he took a drug test that he was told would be anonymous and would face no repercussions if he failed.

Taking steroids and lying about it later was wrong, but Rodriguez has since confessed to it. Major League Baseball going back on its word not to punish him by either suspending him or banning him would be worse. Major League Baseball and the commissioner would lose all credibility and trust if they committed a breach of this magnitude.

I hate steroids and think they are bad for the game but suspending or banning Alex Rodriguez when over 100 others also failed that supposedly anonymous drug test would be worse. It is a violation of trust and privacy one should have expected in East Germany, not the United States.

Anonymous said...

I say ban him.

Anonymous said...

Would you say the same if Pete Rose were betting against his team instead of for it?

Bluegrass Pundit said...

Steel Phoenix said...

"Would you say the same if Pete Rose were betting against his team instead of for it?"

No, I wouldn't. I am not arguing that Pete Rose did not deserve his ban. He was punished and A-Rod should be too.

Carl Wicklander said...

Just because we don't like somebody or something they did doesn't mean we have to disregard the rules.

At the time of the test, there was no testing or punishment in baseball for steroids - that only started in 2005, 2 years after A-Rod's failed test.

Now, if he failed a steroids test today, that would be different - it would warrant a suspension or worse.

How would any of us feel or react if we had done something ethically compromising, then confess to it on the promise of immunity, only to have the promise revoked? That is what banning Alex Rodriguez, not to mention the 100 others who also failed a confidential drug test, would amount to. If the same thing happened in a court of law, we would call it tyranny.

And just because steroids are bad wouldn't make a move like that any less tyrannical.