Thursday, February 5, 2009

Should Bill Gates be prosecuted?

Bill Gates released a swarm of potentially deadly mosquitoes at a technology conference and yelled, 'There's no reason only poor people should get malaria'. What an idiot. While it is unlikely these mosquitoes were malaria carriers, there are a host of other potentially fatal diseases that mosquitoes carry. Among these diseases are various forms of encephalitis and West Nile virus that are common among North American Mosquitoes. My granddaughter got La Crosse encephalitis from mosquitoes a few years ago. She spent several very scary days in pediatric intensive care. Anyone who would deliberately release these potentially deadly disease carriers in an enclosed area, occupied by people, should be charged with criminal negligence. If someone deliberately released poisonous snakes at a conference and yelled, 'Rural people aren't the only ones who should get bit,' they would be arrested. Bill Gates endangered the people at that conference and should pay for his crime. He should not get a free pass because he has billions of dollars.
'There's no reason only poor people should get malaria': The moment Bill Gates released jar of mosquitoes at packed conference

By David Gardner
Last updated at 6:36 PM on 05th February 2009

It was a show-stopping move by any standards.

Bill Gates, the billionaire founder of Microsoft and a renowned philanthropist, let loose a swarm of mosquitoes at a technology conference in California to highlight the dangers of malaria.

‘Malaria is spread by mosquitoes,’ the Microsoft founder yelled at a well-heeled crowd at a technology conference in California.

’I brought some,’ he added. ‘Here, I’ll let them roam around – there is no reason only poor people should be infected.’ (excerpted) read more at


Anonymous said...

This is undoubtedly the goofiest thing I have ever head of that Bill Gates has done. I don't think he should be prosecuted, but people should from this point forward wonder if Gates can be trusted outside of the halls of Microsoft.

Anonymous said...

The mosquitos were from a lab -- totally harmless.

Bluegrass Pundit said...

My wife is allergic to mosquitoes. I am not sure there is a "safe" mosquito.

Interested Bystander said...

Hey All,

What the hell is this?

They dropped all charges against the mastermind behind the USS Cole bombing?

What? Because a Military Judge ruled that the trial would go on as planned, so now they drop the charges?

When will this idiocy end?

Laura Lee - Grace Explosion said...

He's a wealthy man. He'll probly be sued, not arrested.