Saturday, February 21, 2009

Drone wars in Pakistan(video)

This video from CBS News claims Pakistan screens drone missile targets. CBS is claiming high value targets like Mullah Omar are never targeted due to their close ties to Pakistani intelligence. CBS does not show any evidence to back up this statement. Pakistan denies this is true. Of course, Pakistan denies we are basing drones on their territory. That has now been proven to be false by a Google Earth photo(shown in video). Watch the video and decide for yourself.

February 21, 2009
Despite being strong allies, anti-American sentiment is growing in Pakistan as U.S. military drone missiles are being launched against suspected militants. David Martin reports.


Unknown said...

Very irresponsible reporting. No real sources cited. Woman from Rand was making general comments on no specific knowledge. If it's true, it's supposed to be a secret, both for operational and diplomatic reasons. What good is served by airing this story which, true or not, will be "evidence" justifying increased hatred of us and less cooperation?

Anonymous said...

Interesting post.

We are fighting a hydra. As irritating as it may be to not be able to pick all of our targets, we may be better served by having an approved base of operations for the war in general than hearing every month that we just took out the leader of the Taliban.

bgalbreath: Once people found the planes on Google earth, trying to keep it secret is an exercise in futility. Acting like they know things that they don't does seem rather irresponsible.