Monday, November 2, 2009

Can Republicans Score a Triple Tomorrow?

The three hotly contested and closely watched races on November 3rd are the Virginia Governor's race, the New Jersey Governor's and the special election for for the NY-23 seat in the House of Representatives. Loss of any of these races is a blow to President Obama and the Democratic Party. After the 2008 elections, Democrats were hoping to ride the wave of Obama's popularity and newly registered Democratic voters for years to come. The polls indicate the Virginia Governor's race is a lost cause for Democrats. NY-23 doesn't look very likely since Republican state Assemblywoman Dierdre Scozzafava dropped out. Conservative candidate Doug Hoffman has surged in the poll. New Jersey is too close to call, but could fall to the Republicans.

Screen shots from Real Clear Politics. (Click images for larger view.)

The Telegraph reported:
Victories in the governors' races in Virginia and New Jersey and a contest for a vacant House of Representatives seat in New York would deliver a blow to Mr Obama almost exactly a year to the day since he won the presidency.

A rejection of Democrats in all three contests would be a major setback for Mr Obama because he has invested a large amount of time and personal political capital by campaigning extensively in the two governor elections.

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