Wednesday, November 4, 2009

State Run Media Tries to Ignore Republican Victories

The State run media is in full damage control mode after big Republican victories in the gubernatorial races for Virginia and New Jersey. Take a look at the Los Angeles Times website last night. The focus was on regional Democratic victories.

Over at CBS, Bob Schieffer denies the vote was a referendum on Obama and compares Republicans to McGovern.

From NewsBusters:
Shortly before the polls closed, CBS's chief Washington correspondent, Bob Schieffer, rejected any effort to tie President Barack Obama to two the Democratic gubernatorial candidates for whom Obama campaigned, insisting on Tuesday's CBS Evening News that the contests were more about local issues and so “I don't think they had much to do with anything but New Jersey and Virginia.”

Citing the special congressional race in New York, Schieffer rued “this third-party conservative who literally pushed a moderate Republican out of the race,” and proceeded to analogize Republicans this year to leftist activists who in 1972 pushed Democrats to pick an un-electable presidential candidate:
The Republican Party is really split and it is the conservatives who seem to have the juice right now. It's very much like what Democrats went through in 1972. The party activists on the left were so upset with mainstream candidates that in an effort to purify their party they pushed it so far to the left that they nominated the very liberal George McGovern for President. Now it's conservative Republicans who are upset with their mainstream candidates. They want to push the party to the right.

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