Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Republicans win big in New Jersey and Virginia

Republicans have picked up the Governorships of Virginia and New Jersey. Virginia was not a surprise. Recent Polling had Republican Bob McDonnell up by a double digit lead. The final margin of victory was larger than expected at 17 points. New Jersey was expected to be close, but Democrats usually win those after finding several boxes full of uncounted Democratic ballots. The 4 point margin of victory by Republican Chris Christie over current Democratic Gov. Jon Corzine precluded the kind of behind the scenes election stealing Democrats have become famous for in recent years. President Obama campaigned heavily for Corzine. The night wasn't a complete success for Republicans. The Conservative candidate in NY-23, Doug Hoffman, lost a close race to the Democrat Bill Owens. This race was marred by the liberal Republican candidate dropping out and endorsing the Democrat. Her supporters broke 3-1 for the Democrat. Meanwhile, President Obama claimed he wasn't interested. Reportedly, he watched a Chicago Bulls basketball game instead of election results. I doubt that is accurate, but we can be sure blue dog Democrats were watching.

FOX News reported:
Republicans swept to victory in the New Jersey and Virginia governor's races Tuesday, scoring a pair of decisive wins in states that voted for President Obama a year ago.

The Democrats were able to prevent a shut-out, though, pulling out a narrow victory in a closely watched congressional election in upstate New York. Democrat Bill Owens beat Conservative Party candidate Doug Hoffman in that race.

The Republican victories nevertheless marked a potential turnaround after two consecutive cycles of midterm losses. In New Jersey, Republican Chris Christie beat out Democratic Gov. Jon Corzine, even though Obama campaigned heavily for the incumbent in the closing days of the race and the state has not elected a Republican governor since 1993.

Here is a picture to celebrate the first Republican New Jersey Governor in over two decades.

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