Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Death of the Liberal Dinosaur Media Alert

After spending most of the last year and a half shilling for Obama, Newsweek has been sold by the Washington Post for a dollar.
The financial details of the sale were not known, though one person with knowledge of Mr. Harman’s bid said last week that he would pay $1 in exchange for absorbing Newsweek’s considerable financial liabilities.

Reportedly, several other better offers were turned down out of fear Newsweek would stop shilling for Obama and start reporting the news.
But in a fascinating twist, the Post appears to have several offers that were much better than this, offers which would have given their own shareholders a much better return on these assets and on all the money that’s been wasted this past year.

There appears to be little chance of that happening now. Sidney Harman, the magazine’s new owner, is the husband of Democrat and Nancy Pelosi ally California congresswoman Jane Harman.

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Teresa said...

I like death of the liberal dinosaur media. Hopefully, more of its dies soon.