Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Democrat Pollster Zogby: "Time is running out for Democrats"

John Zogby has found an 8 point lead in the Generic Congressional Ballot for Republicans among voters. This is very close to the 7 point lead for Republicans Rasmussen has found. Democrats claim Rasmussen is biased, but Zogby is one of their favorite pollsters. This gap in the Generic Congressional Ballot portends a tidal wave of change this fall. Zogby says time is running out for Democrats.
"What this most recent poll shows is not only an 8-point [GOP] lead in what we call the congressional generic, but Republicans moving up to 46, Democrats slipping down to 38. That's an ominous number for Democrats, and time is running out," the pollster tells Newsmax.

Here is the exclusive Newsmax.TV interview. It is well worth watching in it's entirety.

An interesting revelation from the interview is Zogby expects a low Hispanic voter turnout.

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