Sunday, August 1, 2010

Irony: John Kerry Applauded Legislation Ending 'Blatant Tax Evasion,' Claimed It 'Repulsed' Him.

Senator John Kerry avoided over $500 thousand in taxes by berthing his new 76 foot Yacht in Rhode Island instead of Taxachusetts. After getting caught, he has paid the taxes now. Before John sails off into the sunset in his luxury yacht, this article from the Boston Herald is interesting.
The new law, Kerry said, would put an end to a system that allowed “powerful people to hide assets abroad and evade our tax laws.”

It repulsed me,” he continued, rather dramatically, “that while the average American plays by the rules and pays taxes, some of the biggest corporations avoid paying their fair share.” More here.

Apparently, John Kerry doesn't consider himself an average American.

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Anonymous said...

Bet his rich wife paid the taxes.