Monday, August 2, 2010

Liar-in-Chief Claims Republicans Haven't Come Up With a Single New Idea

President Obama proved again he is the Liar-in-Chief. Obama claimed Republicans haven't come up with a single new idea to help Americans get through the Obama years recession.

AP reported:
President Barack Obama says Republican leaders haven’t come up with “a single, solitary new idea” to help the American people recover from the economic recession.

Last February, Nancy Pelosi hailed the stimulus as bipartisan, but rejected Republican's idea to lower the two lowest tax brackets from 15% and 10% to 10% and 5%. Senator John Kerry lauded Republican ideas he claimed were included in the bill. This year, President Obama claimed many Republican ideas were included in the Health Care Reform bill. The Obama administration has created a web page at listing Republican ideas in the bill. President Obama can't have it both ways. If Republicans have no ideas, how could they have been included in Obama's two largest pieces of legislation?

Here is one Republican 'new idea' from this March that President Obama is doing a good job of ignoring.
Reps. Mike Pence (R-IN) and Jeb Hensarling (R-TX) have a different approach in their new proposal, which focuses less on balancing budgets and more on limiting them:

This amendment would limit spending to one-fifth of the economy (our historical spending average since World War II). The limit could only be waived by a declaration of war or by a two-thirds congressional vote



thom delahunt said...

‎"Capitalism is the extraordinary belief that the nastiest of men, for the nastiest of reasons will somehow work for the betterment of all."

From the lady from whom I buy eggs. "Trickle-down" (piss on) economics in a nutshell.

thom delahunt said...

this is a must read: