Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Democrats: Hey, Let's Not Call That Stimulus Thing a Stimulus Anymore

Democrats don't want to use the term Stimulus anymore. This is likely due to the fact most Americans have wised up to the fact the Stimulus didn't really stimulate much in the way of new jobs. If they don't like the term Stimulus anymore, I propose they call it Porkulus.
(The Hill) — Rep. Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) and House Democrats have dropped the word “stimulus” from their vocabulary.

Though the House minority leader and her caucus are still pushing an economic stimulus agenda to save the economy, they’ve radically changed their rhetoric with the hope of winning over voters who saw “stimulus” as close to a dirty word.

Democrats are now being careful to frame their job-creation agenda in language excluding references to any stimulus, even though their favored policies for ending the deepest recession since the Great Depression are largely the same. . . .

Recognizing the unpopularity of the 2009 package, however, Democratic leaders have revised their message with less loaded language — “job creation” instead of “stimulus” and “Make it in America” in lieu of “Recovery Act” — in hopes of tackling the jobs crisis.

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