Saturday, November 5, 2011

Comedy Gold: Traders at the Chicago Board of Trade dump McDonalds' applications on Occupy Chicago protesters

Well played! I'm lovin' it!
(Mediaite) — In the middle of an Occupy Chicago teach-in this week, traders at the Chicago Board of Trade dumped several sheets of paper on top of the heads of protesters below. Demonstrators were angered to find out they were showered with employment applications for McDonald’s.
“Real class acts, the Chicago Board of Trade,” tweeted Occupy Chicago. “This week, it’s McDonald’s job applications they litter from the windows. Soulless place.”
This is the second incident between the two groups, following Chicago Board of Trade’s “We Are The 1%” missive plastered on their windows last month.
Washington Times freelancer Peter Bella reports that unlike other cities, the Occupy Chicago movement “does not have a permanent encampment. They have a one half block stretch each on LaSalle Street and Jackson Boulevard,” across the street from the Board Of Trade, and have been relatively peaceful.
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