Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Eric Holder declines opportunity to apologize to family of border agent slain with "Fast and Furious" gun

 Attorney General Eric Holder bobs and weaves when asked to apologize to the family of slain border agent Brian Terry. Agent Terry was killed with one of Holders "walked" guns. The words he couldn't seem to find are "I apologize."

Sen. Cornyn: “Have you apologized to the family of Brian Terry?”
Attorney General Holder: “I have not apologized to them but I certainly regret what happened…”
Sen. Cornyn: “Have you even talked to them?”
Attorney General Holder: “I have not.”
Sen. Cornyn: “Would you like to apologize today for this program that went so wrong, that took the life of a United States law enforcement agent?”
Attorney General Holder: “I certainly regret what happened to Agent Brian Terry…It is not fair, however, to assume that the mistakes that happened in Fast and Furious directly led to the death of Agent Terry.” keep on reading...

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