Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Police haul off loony Occupy Wall Street protester

Remember this guy who was made famous in an early OWS viral YouTube video? He calls himself "The lotion man."

In an telling moment of the video, he claims he isn't mentally ill. Apparently police aren't so sure.
Late Sunday night, the Observer spotted Mr. Cline running through Zuccotti Park with his pants falling well below his waist exposing a pair of pink briefs. He wore a Mets jacket over his naked chest and ran through the park falling on tents and yelling at protesters. At approximately 3 a.m. Monday morning, we witnessed a commotion on the South side of the park. We walked over and found Mr. Cline sitting on the ground across the street from the park surrounded by eleven police officers. The cops asked Mr. Cline if he had taken any drugs and explained they were sending him to the hospital.

“They’re the ones who’ve got a problem with me, I don’t have a problem,” Mr. Cline told us pointing toward the other protesters in the park...

After the police put Mr. Cline on an ambulance, we asked the protesters what had transpired. A man who said his name was Cody told us Mr. Cline jumped on top of his tent several times while he was sleeping. Another man, who said he was part of Occupy Wall Street’s security team and declined to give his name, told us the situation began after Mr. Cline “came up and wrapped his arms around a girl and said, ‘I’d like to kiss you.’” According to the security team member, he was attempting to calm Mr. Cline when they were both knocked on top of Cody’s tent.

Several of the protesters said Mr. Cline had been a problematic presence in the park for quite some time.
“That guy’s been disruptive for three days, he’s not part of the movement,” a protester named Frank Grove said.

“He exposes his genitalia and also he did it in front of a ten-year-old the other day. He’s usually intoxicated,” a woman named Kimberly told us.
The only question remaining is when they will haul off the rest of the loons.

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