Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Homeless now 30% of Occupy Wall Street

Hopefully, the Generation X protesters with an overdeveloped sense of entitlement will learn how to live on the streets from the chronically indigent. I have a feeling they may need it.
(NY Magazine) — All over the country, homeless populations are increasingly finding a version of shelter at Occupy Wall Street sites. It’s a union that some demonstrators see as problematic — after all, the optics of shopping carts piled high with worldly possessions and the clearly homeless sleeping on available free tarps aren’t great for the movement’s already-under-fire public image. As New York OWS organizer Hero Vincent explained to the Times, “It’s bad for most of us who came here to build a movement. We didn’t come here to start a recovery institution.” One estimate puts the homeless contingents as high as 30 percent at some protests that’s just measuring the chronically indigent (many protestors have temporarily revoked leases and quit jobs).

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