Tuesday, November 1, 2011

NYT ignored for ten months John Edwards Affair Story. Quickly published story on sex smear of Herman Cain.

I would say the NYT should be ashamed, but everyone knows they have no shame or journalistic integrity anymore.

Via Newsbusters:
There’s a clear double standard on sex allegations for presidential candidates in the New York Times.
The Times put 15-year-old anonymous accusations of sexual harassment against GOP candidate Herman Cain on the front page Tuesday morning, in an off-lead story by Jim Rutenberg and Michael Shear written with help from five other reporters: “Cain Confronts Claim From 90s Of Harassment – He Denies Wrongdoing – Account of Settlement Changes – Reports Rock Campaign.”
The prominent story comes just one full day after the allegations first surfaced on Politico Sunday evening. The Times was also eager during Campaign 2008 to advance sex rumors against Republican John McCain, who was on his way to clinching the GOP nomination.
By contrast, the paper’s treatment of better-substantiated allegations of adultery against Democratic presidential candidate John Edwards were ignored until the candidate himself was compelled to confess.
On February 21, 2008 the Times attempted to take down the McCain campaign with a front-page story focused on McCain’s alleged affair with a lobbyist, which promptly fizzled out among conservatives and liberals alike, who dismissed it as a strained mix of sex innuendo and old news. For its affair innuendo, the Times relied on two anonymous former staffers who admit “they had become disillusioned with the senator.”
By contrast, more substantiated and damaging allegations about 2008 Democratic presidential candidate (and 2004 Democratic Party choice for vice president) John Edwards were ignored for ten months by the paper until the candidate himself confessed to adultery on ABC News in August 2008.
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Barbara Haney said...

Amazing that the antics of Edwards, Clinton, Hart, and others were hardly given lip service, yet the papers went on for weeks about Newt Gingrich's scandal back in the day as well as Cain's today. My take on it: They had to go back to early 1990 to find something? Really? Wow! I'm impressed! And no dead gay lovers? Wow! I'm impressed. No Cigar scandals? No crack pipes? You mean he really is a grandpa? You mean he really has a nice family?

And are you telling me that the nerdy rocket scientist Herman Cain is more like the guys on the Big Bang Theory? Cool!

I'd like to know more about his wife. I'd say she has him on a choker leash. How does she do it? I want details on how to cure this kind of philandering.... She seems to have clamped down on him quite well. Let America meet her...

I am more distressed that he voted for Bill Clinton. Now THAT is something to be worried about! Of course, Perry worked on Gore's campaign, so perhaps it is something that can be overlooked? Hum... have to think on that....