Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Obama admits he hasn't changed the culture in Washington

President Obama promised to change the culture in Washington if he was elected. That promised was tossed aside when President Obama realized he had control of both houses of Congress and a 60 vote super majority in the Senate. President Obama proceeded to ram his partisan stimulus bill, budget and Obamacare down Republicans and Americans throat without even a thin fig leaf of partisanship. When talking to Republicans about his stimulus bill, President Obama actually told them "Elections have consequences." President Obama should remember that in 2012. Of course, Republicans control the House now and the Democrat's 60 vote majority in the Senate is a distant memory, but President Obama still hasn't embraced the change in Washington culture he promised. Obama is now ignoring Congress and trying to rule by executive decree.
WASHINGTON (AP)President Barack Obama told financial supporters Monday that changing the culture of Washington is probably the biggest part of his agenda that remains unfinished but he would put his legislative record “up against any president in their first term.”
“The challenge we have right now is fixing our politics. Making sure that we’ve got the kind of politics and governance here in Washington which is responsive to the needs of the people, not the needs of special interests, that brings out the best in us and not the worst in us,” Obama said at a Washington, D.C., fundraiser.
“That is probably the biggest piece of business that remains unfinished. That’s probably the area where we’ve been most stymied over the last three years. My legislative record, our administrative record, I’ll put up against any president in their first term,”he said.
The president told donors that his administration has worked to reform Wall Street, end the war in Iraq and end the military’s “don’t ask, don’t tell” policy, which forbade gay soldiers from serving openly.
“But in terms of changing the culture of Washington, the fever has not broken yet. Not everyone has gotten the word yet that this is not how the American people want their government to operate,” Obama said.

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