Monday, November 14, 2011

Occupy Portland leave 70 dump truck loads of trash and debris behind

The Tea Party left the areas they rallied in cleaner than they found them.
(Oregon Live) — A dozen city employees today plan to finish clearing Chapman and Lownsdale squares of debris and trash so engineers and horticulture experts can survey damage to the parks’ structures and trees.

City officials expect the parks to be closed for at least one week. Weeks of camping by Occupy Portland at the two downtown parks have torn up grass and damaged plant beds.

Bob Downing, central services manager for the parks bureau, said he’s walked through the two parks periodically since the occupation began.

“I’m not really surprised,” Downing said. “It was what we expected it to be.”

Downing said about 70 dump truck loads of trash and debris were hauled from the camps over the weekend. He said about 30 city employees worked Sunday to clear the parks.


Nance said...

First of all, it wasn't trash until the police pushed everyone out; it was the campsite. Second, how can the occupiers clean the parks,when they've been forced out?

Da Curly Wolf said...

Oh I'll agree with nance up to a point. It wasn't ALL trash. Hell if they'd been a little slower about it they could have turned around and auctioned off quite a bit of it to help fund the redo and clean up of the park. Hell from the looks of that photo some of that was the actual PARK benches. It'd be cheaper to pay someone to fucking refinish them than to replace them. Sandpaper, spray paint and stain. Hell make some of the arrestee's do it as community service. That really was STUPID on the cities part. That being said...their little camp out did likely completely destroy flower beds and lawn. all of which will have to be taxpayer expense of course.,

Da Curly Wolf said...

I also suspect that it was a typo. No way in hell it was 70 dump trucks.

Anonymous said...

Nance & Da Curly Wolf

Can we call you 'deniers' then?