Thursday, August 12, 2010

Good News: Al Gore Admits Defeat of Climate Change Legislation This Year (audio/video)

Listen to the first minute of this audio/video and hear Al Gore candidly admit climate change legislation is dead for this year.

When Al Gore throws in the towel, you know it's over. After the first minute of the audio/video, 'the Goracle' tries to rally the troops for future battles. He is most likely wasting his breath. The Congress that comes back after the first of the year is going to be much more Republican and Conservative than the collection of liberals that have been in Washington for the last two years. There is a very good chance the GOP will control the House and Democrats filibuster proof Senate will be a distant memory. Stick 'Cap and Trade' with a fork. It's done.

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Anonymous said...

I don't understand how this can be GOOD news! This is truly bad news for us all.