Sunday, August 21, 2011

It has come to this

Patrick Carpentier's crew member attacks NASCAR driver Steve Wallace and pulls his hair over an on-track incident.

Via The Blaze:
Steve Wallace has racing in his blood. He’s the son of legendary NASCAR driver Rusty. And like his dad, he’s taken up the business of turning left for a living. But his pedigree couldn’t save him from getting into a hair-pulling scuffle after Saturday night’s Nationwide series race.

Wallace, who finished fourth during the event in Montreal, bumped fellow driver Patrick Carpentier, sending him crashing and out of the race. It was expected to be the final career race for the Canadian, but that ended with the Wallace-involved incident while Wallace was challenging near the front with nine laps to go.

So at the end of the race, one of Carpentier’s crew members decided to let Wallace know how he felt. While Wallace’s car was still moving, the rival crew member reached into the car and began yanking on Wallace’s hair:

Steve Wallace Gets Hair Pulled After Montreal Race-HD

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