Sunday, August 28, 2011

Rick Perry in Iowa: First Act Would Be "Sign Executive Order That Wipes Out Obamacare"

I man not sure an executive order could completely wipe out Obamacare, but I like the way he thinks.The comment is at the 8:45 mark of the video, but if you aren't familiar with Rick Perry, watch it all. He is very good on the stump.
Perry said, if elected, his first act on the first day in office will be to “sign an Executive Order that wipes out this President’s misguided, one-size fits-all Health Care plan called ObamaCare.”


SE Pepper said...

He would need to sign another executive order behind it, to form a "recovery program" that assists everyone from private businesses to medical offices and administrations to help them dig themselves out from all of the red tape that's coiling around EVERYTHING, presently

Interested Bystander said...

Hey All,

It is my opinion that "Executive Orders" used in a manner that makes laws are UNConstitutional.

They have evolved in to something that usurps the intent of the Constitution.

All this does is bolster my growing opinion that Perry is a "status quo" candidate.

And to use an old saying my parents used to say to me when I suggested that "the Blair's get to do that", their reply would be "And if the Blairs jumped off a bridge would you do THAT also?"

Just because Obama has abused the power of EOs, doesn't mean that the next one who comes along also is given that

What it DOES mean is that BOTH are wrong for abusing the power, whether it's done for the "good" or "bad" of the Country.

Bluegrass Pundit said...

@ Interested Bystander

You pose an interesting question about the Constitutionality of killing Obamacare with an EO. I am just happy to see Perry aggressively talking about putting an end to the travesty of a law Obamacare is. House Republicans voted to end it, but the Senate wouldn't go along. Then, House Republicans threatened to de-fund it, but that hasn't happened. Nobody in Washington seems to be talking about it anymore. Hopefully, Perry can bring the issue to the forefront in 2012. Romney wouldn't be able to do that.

loken said...

Please note Bachmann has been agressively pursuing Constitutional ways to eliminate this unconstitutional program.I prefer action over fast talk.