Saturday, August 20, 2011

A question for Obama voters: Are you ashamed yet?

You voted for a charismatic young man who talked about 'Hope and Change.' The media gushed about him daily and convinced you he was practically a messiah. You were had. You actually voted for an unqualified hack from Chicago who never ran a business, never was mayor of a city or Governor of a state. His claim to experience was the circular logic that 'he ran his presidential campaign.' You voted for a man with a resume the size of a postage stamp who had palled around with former Weather Underground terrorist Bill Ayers while in Chicago. Obama's singular claim to fame was his partially fabricated life story Dreams of My Father; a book that may well have been ghost written by the aforementioned Bill Ayers. Now, our economy lays in near ruin and the federal deficit has reached truly astronomical proportions. We have never been more divided as a country. If you voted for Obama , it's your fault and you should be ashamed. You should be very ashamed. It is time to sneak out to your driveway in the middle of the night and remove that Obama bumper sticker from your Toyota Prius. There is a tool to help with that chore. Just watch the video.

Obama Bumper Sticker Removal Kit


Anonymous said...

I am ashamed. :(

Anonymous said...

Not me....I voted for the other guy.

Anonymous said...

Liberals have no shame.