Saturday, August 22, 2009

Man claims he has an authentic Obama birth certificate from Mombasa (video)

I have no idea if this is for real, but it is interesting. The man who tried to sell a "original" copy of Barack Obama's birth certificate on eBay, has made a video.

Barack Obama Kenyan Birth Certificate / Lucas Smith / Coast Province General Hospital (video)


Paradigm Shifter said...

I like a lot of your posts, but the birther stuff has to stop. It makes many people ignore your other good material, because it's conspiracy theory garbage that's been disproven so many times. There are so many legitimate things to oppose when it comes to Obama, and so many other ways to point out he is not in line with most American's views of the nation and the world. This one, frankly, loses the undecideds that are needed to turn the Congress in 2010 and defeat him in 2012. Please... stop.

Diogenes said...

No, please, continue! We love rightwingnuts!

Bluegrass Pundit said...

Paradigm Shifter said...

"I like a lot of your posts, but the birther stuff has to stop. It makes many people ignore your other good material, because it's conspiracy theory garbage that's been disproven so many times."

I am not advocating Obama was born in Kenya. Frankly speaking, I think the document in this video is likely a hoax. That does not keep it from being interesting news. I don't think there should be any information that is off limits. I will not be censored by the consensus view on any subject.

Does this make me a "birther"? I could care less. Although I do not subscribe to the view that Obama was born in Kenya, I do believe he is hiding something. He has released fewer records than any President in recent times. We know less about Barack Obama than any President (or loser in Presidential race) in modern times. The press has seen John McCain's original birth records and hundreds of pages of his medical records. We know John Kerry made lower grades in college than former President Bush. And these guys aren't even President. Obama is still hiding his college records, health records, original birth record, passport records and much more. People may label me a "birther" for wanting to know more about the man with his finger on the nuclear button. I would apply the label "naive" to anyone who denies Obama is hiding his records for a reason. What that reason is we can't know until the records are released. If the issue of Obama's records becomes off limits, we shall never know the answer.

Misha761 said...

I'm not a "birther". I watched the video out of curiosity and think it is very poorly done.

I do agree that obama is hiding something. I can't understand why he won't release his college, medical and other pertinent records as all other presidents and candidates have done. If the media were doing it's job, then we would know.

Early, early in the campaign, I heard obama make a comment to the effect that our Constitution was out of date and needed to be rewritten. No one commented and I can find no reference anywhere on the net. It seems to me that is exactly what he is trying to do.

I firmly believe this man is out to completely destroy the US as we know it, and the media and a lot of people think that is just fine. I am not one of them.

You keep up the good work, Bluegrass. I enjoy your tidbits.

Anonymous said...

When you need a birth certificate to apply for Social Security, just tell them you have posted a picture file, verified by factcheck and snopes for them to verify your documents.

Me, I choose to not stand behind the John Deere Manure Spreader at Obama's farm of lies.

Anonymous said...

We are all "birthers", as we all know Obama is scared sh*tless of anyone seeing any of his personal records - for whatever reason. It's a legitimate issue, judging by his behavior whatever his deep, dark secret it would have affected public opinion and his electability. Talking about it doesn't hurt anyone, or jeopardize the "undecideds". Everyone not living in a cave knows his behavior is odd. And Americans love a conspiracy.