Saturday, August 15, 2009

Saturday Open Thread

From Bluegrass Pundit

This is an open thread. You may promote your website or comment on any topic. Thread closed. Thanks for participating.


Ericatwitts said...

Thanks, this is a great way of showing support for other bloggers! New post up at A Patriotic Nurse; The sleeping Giant is awake..

CJ in TX said...

Fan The Fire with CJ and Tallulah
THE HEATH CARE SOLUTION (reform without the government option run by We The People)
Time:9:00PM Saturday, August 15th
Please re-post to all of your friends and spread the word. Send to your email list, post on your blog or forum. The town Hall meetings are fine, but it is time to take it to a new level. This is the plan that could rally everyone behind the cause. DO NOT miss this show tonight. Call in and talk to Mr. Tabback about

Michiganer said...

My liberal friends tell me, I am overexposed to conservative talk radio and the FOX New channel. So in an effort to be more diversified, I spent several hours watching MSNBC and listening to Air America!
It is truly unbelievable how much dribble is being broadcast on those stations. How many megawatts of wasted energy are used to transmit such mindless garbage. It is no wonder how they manage to always have the lowest ratings in the industry.
The left is surely doomed, and we must hope that they don't skuttle America before they fail completely. It could take years to correct their tragic blunderings.