Monday, August 17, 2009

Rep. Ben Chandler (D-KY) is missing

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Add Representative Ben Chandler to the "Hall of Shame" list of congressmen to cowardly to face their constituents at an August break health care town hall. Chandler is refusing to meet with his constituents due to the incivility of the debate.
Congressman Ben Chandler issued a short statement to one media outlet concerning the possibility of doing a town hall on one of the most important votes in American history. He told WKYT that he would not be having a town hall meeting about health care due to the “incivility” of the debate around the subject.

Any Representative to cowardly to meet face to face with their constituents on an issue as important as health care needs to find a new line of work.


dome home builder said...

so now do you think these scum deserve a lifetime of insurance and pension. ask the low life if he will vote for the Congressional Rules Act of 2009
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pass this along to everyone.
phil curlin

dome home builder said... maybe this will get you there

Ericatwitts said...

Hear Hear, Thank God he is retiring and we can replace him for someone who will reach out to those of us that elect them and be our voice and not go to DC just to increase their power and greed! I say, "Good riddance"

Franchise said...

Incivility translates in the Liberal dictionary as "I don't wanna face the public which i have helped to deceive. I Don't wanna answer hard questions and be held accountable for anything that I have do or said. This is my last resort to keep my llying rear in a congress seat."

.....well its a literal translation.

Anonymous said...

We need to raise money for Matt Lockett. If everyone who opposes what Ben Chandler stands for, $1.00 minimum should go to Matt Lockett Our next Congressman. Get Ben Out! He doesn't listen to the people of Kentucky.

Matt Lockett For Congress
P.O. Box 23397
Lexington, KY 40523