Sunday, August 16, 2009

Leftists invoke "What would Jesus do?" to support ObamaCare

Leftist Ed Schultz is chastising Christians for not supporting ObamaCare. The left has adopted the position the US is not a Christian nation. I find their use of Jesus to support their position very hypocritical. After I got over my initial surprise that a lightning bolt didn't come down and fry him, I considered the question he raised. First, we can be sure Jesus would not have supported paying for abortion, euthanasia counseling, union thugs trying to silence the health care debate or calling opponents evil-mongers. Secondly, Jesus was not a socialist. There is a great analysis of this question here. I have excerpted a small part below.
Now for those who want to equate this outpouring of sharing with the idea of modern day socialism, I would suggest a short course in Biblical Theology. Christianity teaches that it is up to the individual to care for others, whereas, Socialism demands forced equality enacted by the government. Also, while it is the Christian's obligation to look after the widows and the poor, Paul specifically told the Thessalonians in his 2nd letter to them, that if a healthy able bodied brother will not work he will not eat. (2 Thessalonians 3:10) Socialism on the other hand, not only promotes but demands that those who work will feed those who are lazy and will not work. This is not what Christ taught. Jesus did not have the Good Samaritan in Luke's Gospel tell the injured man in the road to seek a government social worker. The Good Samaritan gave of what was his own willingly, not under the duress of the state. (Luke 10:25-37)

Here is the MSNBC video of Ed Schultz invoking the "Christian nation" defense for ObamaCare. If you can get through the four minute Schultz rant, the discussion at the end by Rev. Harry Jackson is very interesting.


MiamiArmando said...

Jesus would have said:

Teach a man to fish and you have fed him his whole life, give him a fish and you have fed him for one day.

No Medical Welfare System!!!!

Reform, restructure, cut out cheaters and streamline the system. But we but we buy what we want.

This Troyan Horse only leads to Single payer System

Teresa said...

I loved Rev.Harry Jackson!!
I agree with MiamiArmando. No medical welfare system!!! or any trojan horse that would lead to a single-payer system.

Obama has not sufficiently proven that he is genuinely a Christian in any way, shape or form. And it seems to me that he has favored Muslims over Christians. So for this Liberal to call upon Christians to support Obamacare is a mockery.

I am not quite sure whether it is a moral imperative to supply health care to all individuals. Plus, I believe that any person, uninsured or insured, can enter an emergency room at any point of time when a person needs care. I agree that there needs to be reform and make health care more affordable for individuals with a lower income. But, Obamacare will only make the problem worse.

Diogenes said...

You guys are really that dim-witted?

Healthcare reform is not about a "medical welfare system". We already HAVE that, in the name of Medicaid. So to rave against the evils of medical care for the poor, you're too late!

Armando, that's a cute little cliched story you have there, but it ain't Jesus, pal. Jesus fed the 5000 with fishes and loaves, remember? No fishing lessons needed or offered that day.

And Teresa, I'm sure you're right about that "no moral imperative on health care" thing. In fact, I bet your copy of the Bible spells it out quite nicely: Jesus said "Suffer the little children to come unto me.... as long as they have their own Blue Cross/Blue Shield. If they don't, then back of the line for them!"

Leticia said...

Diogenes; Obamacare has a lot for children; in fact it may provide them with a grisly death in abortion.
Just because it's not explicity in the bill, doesn't mean that Obama's henchmen won't interpret it into the bill. Congress refused to include an abortion ban in the bill.
That means they want it IN.
Fewer 'little children' to pay for that way.

Anonymous said...

i think that he should study tha bible with a open mind and not take things out of context. if you take thing out of context almost anyone can make the bible say what they want.