Thursday, August 4, 2011

Now that all America's problems are solved, Obama goes back to work on his billion dollar campaign war chest

President Obama raised $3.6 million last night.
(Huff Po) — President Obama raised more than $3.6 million on the eve of his 50th birthday Wednesday night, at three birthday party-themed events in Chicago. Back in Washington, two private birthday parties, not fundraisers, are scheduled for him at the White House on Thursday, his actual birthday.
In a little over three hours on Wednesday, Obama held three events in the Windy City: a video teleconference, a large musical fundraiser and a private dinner. The financial benefit was significant: Aides reported that approximately 1,700 people attended the concert, where tickets started at $50. Later, at a private dinner, approximately 100 guests each paid the individual legal maximum donation of $35,800 to the Democratic National Committee.
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