Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Rush Limbaugh Exposes Obama's Blame Game (audio)

 Did you ever know anyone who no matter what happens it is never their fault? We all have met people like this. Most of these people were children or immature adults. We have one in the White House now.

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SE Pepper said...

I think it is truly because of the lies that Barrey Soetoro/Barack Hussein Obama has been pumped full of his entire life, that he truly does NOT understand what it is that produces wealth in America historically, and the resulting revenue for the federal government-- we unfortunately are dealing with that misunderstanding in the form of the FIRST DOWNGRADE OF THE ENTIRE NATION ocurring on his watch, and one of the largest "dumps" in the stock exchange in American history-- I'll give him this much: he is certainly making history-- only it's not the GOOD kind.