Friday, August 7, 2009

AARP Organizers Walk Out on Meeting Because Members Don't Support ObamaCare

AARP is one of the groups working with the Democrats to pass ObamaCare. It looks like their members are revolting.


pregador27 said...

You said, "It looks like their members are revolting."

Actually, I think the AARP is REVOLTING!

Diogenes said...

This is pretty obviously a highy-edited video, but based on what they (the anti-AARP side) chose to show, I can't blame the AARP officials from walking out. There were obvisou "plants" in that group, people following the playbook they were given to a T: interrupt the speaker early and often, be disruptive, don't let them convey ANY message at all.

That's the intellectual equivalent of an infant sticking fingers in her ears and yelling "bah blah blah" so she can't hear what's being said. Nothing gets accomplished, and you look like a child in the process! If that's your idea of "meaningful protest" you have a lot of thinking and a lot of growing up to do.