Friday, August 14, 2009

America's Worst Congressperson

Rep. Sheila Jackson-Lee (D-TX) answered her phone and had an extended conversation during her Town Hall. Not only is she rude, but she doesn't care enough about her constituents vies to even listen. When confronted with the video evidence of this rudeness, Rep. Sheila Jackson-Lee insinuated the video may have been doctored. Then, refused to discuss it. Rep. Jackson-Lee is rude, indifferent to her constituents views and apparently, thinks her constituents are complete idiots.

CNN's Rick Sanchez takes Jackson-Lee to task for rude phone behavior.

Rep. Jackson-Lee said,
“I'm so glad you said that. It appears on the video. Maybe it’s a doctored video.”


Michael said...

This is the same Congresswoman who got a note from Continental airlines (her hometiwn Airline) to fly Delta because of her "high maintenance" attitude a few years back. No real shocker here.

Just more evidence we need districts not to be drawn by politicians so we have real elections every 2 years for Congress.

eugene said...

What a jerk! Can't believe this person is a member of Congress!!!

lady di said...

She has been on the public dole for way too long. And to Eugene's point, I CAN believe she is a member of our Congress

Anonymous said...

Are you all really shocked by her?
This is what is representing us in TEXAS. She is a Joke!! She is rude and really needs to be called out on it.

justkent said...

Lest we forget, this same Congresswoman,when being briefed on one of the first Mars Expedition projects and looking at the map in front of them, asked where the site was where the astronauts had placed the American Flag. Can you imagine being governed by an idiot with a 2 digit IQ? Rudeness is curable. You can't fix stupid.