Thursday, August 6, 2009

Congressman Chris Carney's (D) Staff Disses Constituents (video)

Democratic congressmen are hiding behind staff and closed doors to keep from meeting with their constituents. Congressman Chris Carney's representative refuses to meet with anyone in front of the camera. Rep. Christopher Carney (D-Pa) didn't even have the guts to show up. When Congressmen are afraid to meet with the people that elected them, they need to be thrown out of office.

Congressman Chris Carney's (D) STAFF "Meets" with Constituents in Milford, PA 8/4/09 (video)


Timeshare Jake said...

Have they dropped the Representative part off their title these days or what?

Unknown said...

Looks like Carney is going to do a townhall August 17 -

pregador27 said...

What cowards- they force socialism on us and then run and hide. Time to have a REVOLUTION at the ballot box!