Sunday, August 9, 2009

Democrats Are Lying About ObamaCare Protesters Being Organized: Pictorial Evidence

Democrats claim Americans protesting against ObamaCare are organized by the GOP and Insurance companies. These photos are from the Denver protest of Nancy Pelosi. They tell the truth of the grass roots movement against ObamaCare.

Protesters against ObamaCare are ordinary citizens with homemade signs.

ObamaCare supporters have name tags and professionally printed signs.

ObamaCare supporters have bullhorns to blast ObamaCare opponents.

People supporting ObamCare are on the same side as "commies."

More photos are here (AIP News).


tpgow said...

craigslist asking for organizers to protest against the right. go to jobs ect. That is unlawful and we know its coming from the WH.BO said right on tv for them to get in our face. they have ads in for all over the country. We need to get this out. Our goverment is inciting riots and violence

Teresa said...

Obama is the top thug and has called out his brigade now. His union thugs are the ones who are causing the violence. The citizens who are against Obamacare are just expressing their views, concerns and asking questions. Obama needs to be impeached for violating the Constitution and citizens' Constitutional rights.

tpgow said...

Teresa: he has "Jack Boots" we have intelligence. ALINSKY ! them right back. Read "rules for Radicals"
OH!YES! we need to get him out of office. I have twittered to Glenn Beck & Demint ect.ect about the craigslist ads. Lets get it out there.

Diogenes said...

Placing an ad is illegal now?

Teresa, let me say this as kindly as I can: you're a moron. Obama hasn't committed any high crimes and misdemeanors, and he hasn't violated anybody's constitutional rights. There's one isolated incident in St. Louis, and you've got it in your head that there's some grand conspiracy here. They caught the guys and locked them up; that's the way the system works.

And if you believe that these "citizens against Obamacare" are simply a grassroots movement, think again. Republicans don't do grassroots; Republicans HIRE people to go do grassroots for them. And they know just who to hire: find a lobbyist, give 'em a bunch of money to spread around, hire a bus and give some rednecks a free fried chicken dinner at the local KFC, and voila: instant "protest"!

And yeah, tpgow, Twitter Glenn Dreck. That'll make all the difference in the world! One cretin texting another!

Teresa said...

The fact that you think calling me a moron is being kind proves that you liberals are full of hate. That must be all you can understand because of your lack of intelligence. Conservatives who are concerned citizens are coming together at the grassroots level to question Obama's disaster of a health care bill. Obama's union thugs have been at more than one location. You Democrats are the one's manufacturing support,intimidating others, and inciting violence not peaceful conservatives.

No, You described how Democrats work. Democrats are a bunch of liars and use people as evidenced in ACORN just to gain a vote. Heck, the democrats even have to make up voters and raise voters from the dead. ACORN members across this country have been convicted of voter fraud.

So, You go on being filled with your bitterness and filled with hate and let that eat away inside you. I will continue being a happy conservative Republican.

tpgow said...

Diogenes: There was no violence until BO made his call to arms. The people at the townhalls are mostley the elderly. I am one of them. I read the bill all 1017 pgs.The goverement is violating the right to free speech. It's OK when you left loons do it,but not OK to be against.Soros and his minions did it for the Iraq war. Grassroots is not politial, just concerned citizens. When the goverment takes over your ATM account(pg 58)to collect fees, I think your moronic opinon will change. Too Late !! Hows hopey and changey for you?

Anonymous said...

Right, every college kid loves a Che Guvera t-shirt. One more reason why education is being reserved for the elite. Republicans are scared or they're not smart. Scared because Obama, the magic negro, will be remembered for all eternity for solving the health care issues or Not smart for speaking for their own interests. Yeah lets impeach the Democrat before he fixes the republicans for good.